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New Star Soccer 2010
moz(︶︿︶)╭∩╮เมื่อ: วันพุธ, 2010-06-02, 8:12 PM | ข้อความที่ # 1
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When people think of soccer/football games, they usually think of the big titles, Like FIFA or PES, but there’s a little game out there that shines with quality, even if it doesn’t have the graphics or licensed teams of the big-name games. That game is New Star Soccer 2010.http://newstargames.com/Images/NSS4/Screenshot1.jpg It’s a major update on New Star Soccer 4 more than a totally new a game but it’s worth every penny.

For a game that was pretty much made by a single guy, it has so much depth and charm that you’d reconsider calling FIFA, PES, or those Sega Football-manager titles the best soccer/football games out there. New Star Soccer 2010’s graphics might not be good to the average player, they might not even have that sort of colorful appeal that some games have, but when you look beyond that, you’ll find a game with such tremendous depth, it’s almost unbelievable.

New Star Soccer isn’t like most other soccer games, it’s actually more of a soccer sim. The game simulates the life of an up-and-coming soccer start (you), and has you managing your relationships, stats, sponsors, wealth, and even what you do on your spare time. You can take “enhancement” pills to buff your little footballer, or you can lavish your fans with autographs and media statements. Heck, if you want, you can even get involved in (illegal) drug trades.

Your character’s stats and relationships also affect you http://newstargames.com/Images/NSS4/Screenshot4.jpgon the field. Unlike most other soccer games you don’t play as your team, you play as your character. If your team loves you, expect to see the ball coming your way more often, if they hate your guts on the other hand, don’t expect to see the ball that often... if you aren’t benched for having low confidence in yourself, and even then, that depends if you’re even a starting player. If you don’t play well, expect the bench to become your new best friend, and expect your fans wanting to disown you, after they read about the way you played in the local newspapers, keep playing badly, and expect your boss to regret hiring you. That’s right, this game is that deep.

Your team isn’t the only aspect of your relationships that you have to focus on. There’s also your family, friends, the media, and if you take those extra steps, your girlfriend, and, eventually, children. The way you manage your relationships outside the field, helps determine whether you’ll even appear on it. Whether or not you appear on the field also determines how large your paycheck will be. Sure, you’re a footballer, so you’re bound to receive a decent amount of money, but there’s the bonus that come from scoring goals, assists, and generally making the team look good. Plus, if you keep doing good, expect a contract extension, and even a pay raise.


New Star Soccer 2010

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